Leavers FAQS

Leavers FAQS

Please be aware that Leavers and Events hoodies, zoodies and t-shirts can only be purchased via school, parents cannot purchase leavers directly.


How do I order?

Simply download your Leaver's Order Form, request a copy by emailing our Customer Services team at info@schooltrends.co.uk or by speaking to your Local Account Manager, choose what you would like from the options and email it back to info@schooltrends.co.uk.


Where can I find the designs?

All the leaver's designs can be found on our leaver's order form, if you want something slightly different, simply Contact Us and we'll take a look!


Can we amend the designs?

You can, if you'd prefer your school name rather than "Leavers 2024" - we can do that!


What garments can we have?

Our leavers and events range includes our Leaver's T-shirt which is 100% Cotton and available in 2 colours and our Leaver's Hoodie - available in 8 colours!  You can add a leavers design to our other garments, simply Contact Us.


What colour inks can we have the printed design in?

There are 2 print colours to choose from, these are Black or White. Please note that only 1 back print colour allowed per order.  Please take into consideration the colour of your garment when selecting your print colour.


How does the VAT work?

VAT is applied to additional left chest decoration. Garment sizes which are deemed to be destined to children above the age of 14 have VAT applied, legislation states that “Children’s garments, irrespective of size, that bear a prominent logo or badge identifying them as part of the official uniform of schools catering exclusively for children under 14 years of age may be supplied at zero rate.” Garments destined for adults (parents or staff) will be subject to VAT at standard rate. Please inform our Customer Support Team if decorated garments are destined for adults. Non decorated garments in sizes to fit age 14 years and above will be subject to VAT irrespective of them being for children or adults.


How do I send the names to you?

Please only provide the names you wish to appear on your leaver's design in digital format - handwritten, photocopies or scans will not be accepted. This can be done by filling in the Leaver's Order Form and emailing as an email attachment to info@schooltrends.co.uk. Names need to be provided exactly as you want them to appear within your design, e.g. first name/surname order, nicknames, capitalisation, spelt correctly, etc


How long will it take?

Once we receive the completed order form we will aim to produce the design within 7-10 working days and send it to you for approval. Please note that it is your responsibility to check that all names are correct and to return the approval form back to us as quickly as possible. Should the design require any edits the turnaround per edit is generally 7 working days, so the accuracy of names is key to avoid delays on your order. When you receive an edited design for approval you will need to re-check all names again as edits generally require other names to be moved around. Please note a £10+VAT fee will be applied for more than 2 edits to your leaver's design. Once the approval form is received by us your order should be delivered within 21 days.


How many do I need to purchase?

A minimum order of 10 Leaver's are required, these do not need to be the same style however must bear the same leavers/events design and back print colour.


Can we add our School logo to the garment?

A left chest decoration can be easily added, as long as we have your logo set up already. Additional charges apply, £2.00+VAT per logo and garment.


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