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Schoolwear Association research reveals uniforms can be a powerful tool

New research published by the Schoolwear Association shows that uniforms can be a powerful tool.

Printwear & Promotion recently published the Schoolwear Association research. The two-stage research programme was carried out by independent researchers, OnePoll and Family Kids and Youth. The research explored teachers’ and young peoples’ views on mental health issues and the link to appearance, identity and bullying in schools.

75% of teachers in the survey reported they have seen an increase in the number of children with mental health problems in the last five years and two thirds felt that kids face increased pressure about fashion and appearance. 83% teachers stated a good school uniform reduced this pressure in schools and could prevent bullying based on appearance or economic background.

The young people in the study agreed that school uniform is a force for good. You can read the full article on Printwear & Promotion by visiting