School Trends

New Uniform? Colour? Logo?

We get asked by schools and Academies of the best way to change uniform in school. If you are changing uniform colours, garments or logo we suggest:


  • Talk about it -Getting parents and children’s thoughts on what the uniform might look like. At School Trends we can provide you with images of the new uniform to include in school newsletters, samples and/or set up a webpage with your new uniform items

  • Trial it - Get some samples to look at the uniform and show others

  • Write about it - Updating your uniform policy with the new items online and include in newsletters to remind parents of the change

  • Order a mannequin - to show your new uniform in your reception area, we can order one for you

  • Ask us! - Our local Account Managers are working with lots of schools updating uniform logo’s, garments and colours, whether it’s a school wanting a change or becoming part of an Academy or Trust, simply get in touch.

School Uniform

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